As a Mortgage Professional, we work for you. We discuss and consult with you your mortgage requirements. We evaluate which product, from which lender will give you the very best options for your current needs.  From the very first time we meet, right through the shopping process, all the way until the mortgage funds – our services to you are free.

In fact we continue to keep in contact with you to keep you informed, and alert you of market activity so that you are always in the know.

What does this all cost you? Word of mouth advertising,  your recommendations and your referrals.  We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service possible.

We are paid a commission by the bank when the mortgage funds. And for the most part each lender pays roughly the same amount, so there is no bias to which lender we would use.  Our mandate is to give you the best option available.

The banks all compete against each other for our “repeat” business, which gives you the competitive edge going to the bank directly.  What the banks expect of us as Mortgage Professionals, is that we provide customers that will fit their product guidelines.

We may charge a fee for challenging credit situations, depending on the severity, as some of the options provided do not pay us commissions.  Also, you can expect to pay a fee when a private lender is being used, and if commercial property is being financed.

For all of our applications, a separate “Borrower Disclosure” document is provided to you – that will outline all of the costs, if any and possible conflicts of interest that is associated with any mortgage.