Better Support – More Freedom – Higher Earnings

Pursuing a career as a mortgage professional can be very fulfilling. Like any profession this career path does have its challenges, but it also has its many rewards.

Whether your client has a very strong financial position, or is in struggling situation, it is a great feeling to know that you provided the best mortgage solution possible.

As a mortgage professional, you have many different business models to choose from. Understanding them, and choosing the one that is right for you is important.

Joining a high volume team ensures your compensation is higher, and allows you to provide competitive products to your clients.

At Uxbridge-Mortgages you not only receive the full support from all the resources head office at Mortgage Intelligence offers, but you also receive full business and & technical support form your team. We are here to help and share successes.

There are many high quality services that are at your disposal at no cost, such as marketing materials, graphic designer, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Knowledge Seminars, Mentoring, web-site presence, and much more.

You have the option to choose to pay for additional services such iCare, Corporate CRM, Personal web-site, and other additional services.

This position is 100% commission based, and your earning potential is purely limited to your own personal goals. You choose the volumes that are right for you. You have the freedom to choose your own pace.
There are no high pressure weekly sales targets that need to be achieved or “explained”.

If are an experience Mortgage Professional, and you would like to explore this opportunity further, please contact me personally to set up a confidential meeting, and we will discuss in more detail the advantages of joining our team.

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