Mortgage Renewal

Renewing Your Mortgage

Think of your mortgage renewal as an opportunity. It is not only an opportunity to get a competitive mortgage interest rate, but also to get a mortgage product that better fits your current needs.

Mortgage Consumer Alert: If you’ve received a mortgage renewal form from your current mortgage lender, do not simply sign it without knowing all your mortgage options – 99.9% of the time you will be paying a higher mortgage interest rate than you should, and you will end up with a mortgage that is most likely not best suited to your individual needs. Lenders “bank” on the fact that a large portion of their mortgage holders do sign back at the higher rate without comparing what’s currently on the market – don’t be one of them!

Instead, let’s talk. We can discuss your mortgage options and available mortgage interest rates, and arrange a mortgage rate hold for you.

  • For those wanting a fixed-rate mortgage, if mortgage rates rise during the period of your mortgage rate hold, you’ll be protected; if they fall, you’ll have access to the lower mortgage rate.
  • For those looking for a variable-rate mortgage, a mortgage pre-approval will guarantee your mortgage discount off of the Prime rate for a set period.

We will also discuss which mortgage product and options are best for you, and help you with a customized mortgage strategy. This is important because by the time your mortgage comes up for renewal, you are most likely in a different financial position than when you first obtained the mortgage loan.
As our financial and life circumstances change, so does the mortgage that is best for our needs and goals.

For example, you may wish to access your home’s equity to consolidate other debts, or do some long-awaited home renovations.

At mortgage renewal time, make sure you get the most from your mortgage financing. As mortgage professionals, we can speak to any concerns you may have, including interest rate trends, future plans and other financial decisions that may affect your mortgage requirements.

Be prepared so that you know what to do as your mortgage renewal approaches.